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Hull and East Riding Humanist Group

A social group for humanists, atheists, secularists, sceptics and agnostics


Welcome to the 2019 website of the Hull and East Riding Humanist Group. Our group provides an opportunity for like-minded people to meet and discuss humanist values, principles and related subjects and to promote an awareness of the philosophy of humanism to the wider public. The past two decades has seen a significant increase in the number of local groups springing up around the country and although the Hull and East Riding group is small in size (about a dozen regular attendees) we think that there is every reason to hope that the number of people adopting a humanist world-view will continue to increase with time. If you are interested in science, philosophy and debating secular ethics, our meetings are definitely for you, it’s free with a voluntary donation of £1 per meeting, why not give it a try? If you would like to ask any questions about humanism or the activities of our group, please email Tim Stephenson, the group secretary (tim.stephenson@herhg.org.uk).

We had our first meeting on 15th September 2008, originally meeting in The Olde White Harte in Hull City Centre, moving to the Friends Meeting House in Bean Street in January 2009, then back to the Olde White Harte in April 2010, then moving to the Tiger Inn in Lairgate Beverley in January 2012 and then moving to the Willerby and Kirkella Parish Institute in January 2019.  We have regular meetings advertised on this website. Between 2010-2012 we also ran a succesfull campaign to have the well-known Scientist, Humanist and Broadcaster Jacob Bronowski recognised with a commemorative blue heritage plaque at his former home in Cottingham. Jacob Bronowski lived and taught in Hull in 1940 and made the TV documentary the Ascent of Man in 1973.

Donations made to the Hull and East Riding Humanist Group using the link above are gratefully received.

What is Humanism?

Humanism is the belief that we can live good lives without religious or superstitious beliefs. Humanists make sense of the world using reason, experience and shared human values. We seek to make the best of the one life we have by creating meaning and purpose for ourselves. We take responsibility for our actions and work with others for the common good.Humanism encompasses atheism and agnosticism but is an active and ethical philosophy far greater than these negative responses to religion. The 2011 Census showed a large increase in the number of people in our region stating explicitly that they had no religion (25% of the population).

How do we know what is true?

What should we think about death?

What makes something right or wrong?

How can I be happy?

A massive thank you to @BernardoKastrup @SophieGraceCha1 @Philip_Goff for taking to the time (almost 2 hours!) talking to us about consciousness this evening. Fascinating @HTLGIFestival

Massively misjudged how normal human beings, on all sides of political spectrum are feeling. They were confident this would be written off as ‘leftist snowflakes moaning blah blah’ but look. The Mail gives its readers what they want.

Meanwhile, in a damp cave under Whitehall... The Gove rubs his clammy hands together, weaving the fingers, clutching at his own stick-like fingers, smoothing the nails with the sharp edge of an oyster shell. Soon it will be his time. It will be HIS time.

Thanks to Tweeter Mrs GR?, but I've lost tweet:"The real story is the huge transfer of government assets to private companies that he is overseeing under cover of a pandemic while restructuring the Cabinet Office into his & Michael Gove’s private fiefdom." https://t.co/nVo1szSBTX

The problem in the UK now is basically we’ve got to get the laziest man in the world to fire the guy who secretly does his job. It’s like we’re alive inside a fable

Wow. Telegraph and Mail now calling him out. Catastrophic error of judgement. Cummings advice will presumably be "tell them all to piss off. You've got a big majority and another 4 years". Except some of that majority are pretty angry...

BBC News (UK)@BBCNews

Monday's Mail: “What planet are they on?” #TomorrowsPapersToday #BBCPapers (via @hendopolis)

There was a brief moment when everyone in the country was willing to give the Johnson government the benefit of the doubt, even old enemies like me. This weekend it forfeited all of this goodwill and revealed itself to be arrogant, deceitful and, worst of all, incompetent.

Govt determined to do everything back to front? Lock up the healthy but kill the vulnerable; fail to take threat seriously early on then take it much too seriously when it's actually over; let loads of infected people in when it mattered but quarantine everyone pointlessly now.

Delaying lockdown did not cost lives. Failing to stop the virus ripping through hospitals and care homes is what caused the high death toll. This is where the deaths were. Lockdown achieves nothing except misery and poverty.

It is reaching the point where it's surprising we are not hearing from leading medical officials and politicians that people should consider taking supplements to ensure they have sufficient vitamin D.

My @Spectator article, now free on my website: https://t.co/xv13Eq5KAs

My son is doing Vietnam in his history GCSE so as part of his home schooling we’re watching Platoon. Which I’ve never seen before. It’s not what I’d call an easy watch.

My thanks to @Peter_Wehner, who interviewed me for @TheAtlantic and did a better job of making sense of my work, and linking it to today, than I could have done myself


Sometimes it's hard to be a PM
Taking all your cues from just one man
You'll be in St Thom
And he'll be in Durham
Doin' things that you don't understand...

This Boos For Boris thing is a right mistake. Reducing it down to tabloid panto - while presumably some neighbours cheer - which is just what these ponces want. This is not a cartoon.
Stay focussed. Stay forensic. Let him be undone by facts and proper journalism.

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